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Thursday, April 17, 2008

a little sugar.......

I love love love living in Italy! its only here that I can would walk in to my neighborhood Pasticcerria Gelateria, Corregio, to find none other then sugared violets! Too bad I didn't think of decorating our cupcakes and small cake with these sparkling little jewels.....
It's a nice alternative to decorate your wedding cake with sugared flowers.
here are a few edible flowers you can work with......and don't forget you can also use fruit!

mint leaves

To DIY, check out Martha Stewart's little recipe for sugared flowers and Redbook's recipe for sugared fruit.

the sugared violets paired up with sugared mint leaves

photographed by deirdre quinn

*for future travelers, if your ever in Milan, Italy, and want to taste some of the best pasteries, I recommend this pasticceria gelateria called Correggio, located at Via Correggio, 14 Milano, t. 024690887

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