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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

little honeymoon adventures: FRANCE

Today's little honeymoon adventure, I am taking you out of Italy and over the south of France, to a small city called, Arles. This romantic, little city, is most famous for the Roman Ruins and the artist, Vincent Van Gogh. His best depiction of cafe life was inspired by the city and can be seen in his painting titled, Cafe Terrace at Night. It is a city that continues to attract many artists from all over the globe. In fact, every year, it hosts the famous, Les Recontres D'Arles, which was one of the very first Photography Festivals in the world.

Hotel D'Arlatan

provence blue is found everywhere

Vincent Van Gogh Foundation
The Museon Arlaten, 29 rue de la République
Flea Market (saturday only) on Blvd. des Lices

intricate tile work on the floors

Hotel D'Arlatan $$
I highly recommend this hotel, its within a good budget, 82 euros a night for a standard room, private bath, 2 adults, breakfast not included. It's quaint and absolutely beautiful.
Grand Hotel Nord-Pinus $$$
Hotel Jules Cesar $$$$

Au Brin de Thym
22 rue du Dr Fanton
p. 04 90 49 95 96
Lou Marque (located in the Jules Cesar Hotel) ultra romantic spot, perfect for a splurge night out with your sweetie

How to get to Arles go here

{photography by Michele Quinn, my mamma)