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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

little honeymoon adventures: British Columbia part 2

Vancouver Island

Today, I give you part 2 of little honeymoon adventures in British Columbia.
I am whisking you away from the mountains to a little enchanting town called, Tofino, located in the Pacific Rim region of Vancouver Island.
Life here revolves around the
arts, outdoor adventure and the spectacular nature.
his spot is the perfect setting for that couple looking for a bit of wilderness and luxury. For a secluded and romantic getaway go here and those looking for something a bit more rustic with a hint of ultra luxury go here.
Need I say more?

SLEEP in Tofino

ACTIVITIES around Vancouver Island
Whale Watching
Bear Watching
Sunset tours
Sea Kayaking
Mountain Biking
Surfing in Tofino
Pacific Rim Parks

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Sunken Garden at Butchchart

How to get there go here
here and here
for more information on Tofino go here and for Vancouver Island here