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Friday, July 8, 2011

Scenes From A Marriage

Hello....long time no talk. I know it's been awhile since I have posted at Little Winter Bride but it's been a bit of a roller coaster ride these past 7 months. I don't want to get too personal but maybe just a little as I would like to explain my absence.
My hubs and I have always envisioned a life with little ones, so after 16 years of knowing one another, 2 years of dating and 3 years of marriage, we decided the summer of 2010 was the perfect time to start a family. This time last year, our summer started us off happy, giddy and excited about embarking on this next big step in our lives but what we weren't prepared for, was how difficult and uncertain this next step would be. I must have been naive thinking it would be a piece of cake, I sure never thought we would have any problems or that waiting till we were 32 would be a big deal but apparently it is.
While the road to starting a family should be light, loving and fun, we've found out it's not all happy go lucky. We've seem to be given a different map, heading down a road that has many bumps (more like giant sized Manhattan potholes) which has been quite difficult for us emotionally and even a bit more on me, as I'm the one being put under the medical microscope. (Not to mention enduring all this in Italy, which has it own set of stories and some long trips back to New York City).  So, as the months went on, it became harder and harder to blog, harder to see everyone around you take that next step into parenthood, in both my real world and blogosphere. So I had to step away. Hence for my looooooong silence.  Two surgeries later and we still haven't seen the light at the end of the tunnel but I know we will some day.  What I have learned from this experience so far, is, we should all be having babies when we're in our early 20's not in our early 30's ........geez, ...(seriously, this is what every doctor and specialist we've met along the way has said to us. Ya, really helpful, I know. Especially,  when one cannot turn back the clock, srsly)
This may be a wedding style blog but sharing scenes from an every day marriage seems also appropriate.  It's reality.  While it still continues to be hard to hear of others joyful baby bliss at times, (it's definitely becoming even harder as time goes on) I realize I can't put certain things on hold. I had such big plans for this blog and want to move forward. So I am happy to say, I'm back! Okay, back to fluff and stuff, I have a GORG American-Italian winery wedding to share with you all next week and many new projects keeping me busy so be sure to stop by on Monday........