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Friday, November 4, 2011

little weekly finds.......

magical BHLDN winter wedding dresses 
and you might want to check out their shrugs and caplets, I'm a fan of this blk one
someone should rock this pantsuit for ya nuptials

Have a wonderful weekend

WEDDING STYLE: fashion forward bride

1.) dress via Erin Fetherston  2.) earrings by Lulu Frost  3.) coat by Vanessa Bruno  4.) posy of pansies and lambs ear  5.) shoes by Vionnet 

For the fashion forward bride you simply can't go wrong with this Erin Fetherston dress and its magical price of apprx. $350 (256 euros). And who could say "no" to anything designed by Vionnet, like these black and midnight blue trimmed in gold heels?  Top it off with a sweet little posy, of amethyst colored pansies mixed with lambs ear. I know BIG bouquets are usually the way to go but there's something sweet and romantic about petite ones, especially if you're choosing a delicate flower like the pansy, which are a very winter friendly flower......