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Thursday, October 27, 2011

VENUE: Villa San Carlo Borromeo

Let's face it, weddings that take place here in Italy, don't need much, "decor" especially if your lucky enough to host it in a mega historical like Villa San Carlo Borromeo. Aside from a glowing bride and groom that ooze lurve, delish food and vino being served, one doesn't have to get all crazy with extra details to make this spot special, I mean it's pretty spectacular on its own. The grounds, architecture and chandeliers are enough to mesmerize your guests the minute they arrive. And how enchanting would it be to have it in winter? I know that it's not the most popular season for Italians, they seem to stick close to tradition, choosing spring or early summer for their big day but come on, just look at Villa San Carlo Borromeo covered in a blanket of fresh snow, how magic is that? And you don't have to run off to the trendo hills of Tuscany for an Italian villa scene (cause I know most destination brides do, let's branch out, okay?) this pretty locale is just 30 minutes outside Milano city center and looks magnificent any time of the year......

Although Milano is pretty wonderful and festive during the winter holiday season, just sayin....

What winter location is your favorite? would love to hear

 (images via villa san carlo borromeo)