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Monday, October 19, 2009

cozy night in

it's cold in milano. fall is here with winter creeping up around the corner. oh how i love warm homes with fireplaces going and yummy meals to cook and share with loved ones. that's pretty much how we spent our weekend.
monday - long tiring day, so tonight im tucking in early.
there is a new kitty in the house waiting to be cuddled and an old childhood favorite of mine waiting to be read.........sigh. heaven to my ears after a long day.
what's your favorite way to spend a cozy autumn evening?

botanical bride


keeping with the plant life theme from friday, how about a greenhouse wedding?
I have to admit, I'm quite fond of greenhouses.
My favorite time to visit is in the dead of winter.
It's like entering in bottled up rain forest. I wish I could bottle the smell and carry it with me always.
when I was little my favorite adventures with my mom where to the new york botanical garden.
my eyes would widen as soon as we approached the conservatory.
what is your favorite greenhouse location?