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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vintage Jewelry: Olivia Colling

Yowza! blinded. now that's some ice, some pretty, vintage ice that is...
okay, so it's not budget friendly, what so ever but it is divine and different, right?

(image source)

window shopping

walking around Milan window shopping, I couldn't help but snap a few from Luisa Beccaria's gem of a store
frothy, tulle galore.....
The silhouette reminds me of the wedding dress Stephanie Seymour rocked in the November Rain video....
I'm guessing not many could or would want to rock Ms. Seymour's style but I'm warming up to Ms. Beccaria's version

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Dress: Therese Rawsthorne via Frances May
Ring: Gurhan
Shoes: Prada

City Hall chic anyone? Just you and your love, dressed in simple yet stylish attire, a single flower and a little lipstick for color.  I love the idea of a quiet, no fuss wedding, like this couple's court house union I posted a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

little wedding rings

Rose cut diamond ring from designer, Yossi Harari, makes for a lovely understated wedding band. I'm also into the idea of this style being used as an engagement ring. Right?

Monday, September 27, 2010

ACCESSORIES: flower crowns

Traditional veil not your thing? How about a crown made of beautiful fresh flowers?
This blue beauty was created by the talented Nicolette Owen of Nicolette Camille, who also happens to be hosting open studio this week.  So,  if you happen to be in nyc\brklyn area, stop by to see how she magically whips up these lovelies

(image source)

Friday, September 24, 2010

little weekly finds...

a photo essay on sweet couples that have been married for 50 years
Victorian wedding dresses
a sentimental bride alters her mother's dress into a short and chic frock 
I'll take one of each from this cupcake list
I'm married to a dj, so this wall of records would not only be my hubs dream but also mine, organized.
pretty floral head pieces
loving these pieces from this jewelry designer

botanical plates for your love nest

just for fun....bring me back to my childhood with these stickers,

a little more ferretti please.....

If you've been reading LWB for some time, you probably know by now,  I'm obsessed, with the designs of Alberta Ferretti.  Since it's fashion week here in Milan, a city I now call home and after Wednesdays post, it would only be fitting, to end your week with some more eye candy from her Spring 2011 collection
Aren't these romantic, flowing gowns, dreamy?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

VINTAGE: Sweet Wedding Dress

A vintage wedding dress made of lace and a organdy pleated skirt, sure makes for a stunning combination. Oh my and what a steal! priced at $189
to get a closer look head over here 

Maison Michel

A mixture of fine feathers, pearls, chains, lace galore! I'm captivated by these ready-to-wear accessories, designed by Laetitia Crahay, Maison Michel’s artistic director. I would love to see a bride out there put a little twist in her attire with one of these divine creations.....anyone?
I myself am pinning over these bunny ears, not sure why but I sure wish I had an excuse to wear something so, um, quirky? Also, don't you just love how they used drawings rather then photographs to show the 2010 collection? so pretty.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alberta Ferretti Bridal

Love anything by designer, Alberta Ferretti. Brides out there aiming for understated glamour, will feel like they have found the perfect match with her bridal collection here and here. Also some of the designs from the main collection, which I'm absolutely digging, make beautitful alternatives for your big day, like this silk, sleek number. I'm actually more partial to the idea of a bride wearing a dress that's not hanging in the "bridal" section but that's just me.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a little footcandy

Looking for a splash of color, something other than traditional white for your little feet on the big day? How about the oh so coveted, Isabel Marant poppy red suede heel? The season "IT" shoe could be the perfect match.  Too much color for your look? A girl can't go wrong with a chic little pair of black heels, like this bride.  I'm personally in favor of the stylish black pair on your wedding day and I'm adoring these black suede from valentino.........sigh
They may be a pretty penny but you will definitely wear these babies again and again.....)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Branch jewelry

 Love the simplicity of these rings. Perfect for that offbeat bride seeking something a little less traditional for an engagement ring. Aren't they darling? to see more go here

Friday, September 17, 2010

little weekly finds

wild, overgrown and beautiful
feather and a fern won't you be mine? 
I desire something, anything, love it all from this collection 
how do we feel about a dramatic and or sweet peter pan collar on a these vintage wedding dresses?
i know ivory is a no no but i can't help by love these a few vintage pieces here and here
sweet, stylish, petite wedding
hello 1920's peach velvet dress!
15 things you don't have to do at your wedding

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Real Wedding on Samish Point by the Bay

I love when creative peeps share their work with me especially when the event is small and whimsical. Oh and involves playful masks.
Today's beautiful wedding was photographed by a newbie on the wedding scene, Seattle based photographer, Desiree of Des Haigh Photography.
This intimate celebration took place in the hub of northwest Washington State, Samish Point by the Bay. The ceremony was held on the property of this little house, nature all around and a reception dinner with close family and friends at The Williams Point House.
oh-so-enchanting and sweet, right?

Desiree, was kind enough to give some more details about this lovely event.
 "Grace and Dylan rented several properties for their family and closest friends to stay for the 4 day event. The Williams Point House was the main attraction for most of the meals and events. They hosted a 8 course meal that was sustainably/locally grow and prepared by a local Chef. The day after the event all the guests (including myself) were invited to head out to the San Juan Islands to go Orca whale watching which was beyond spectacular!  The main focus for their entire event was to be surrounded in love by people who understood the special-ness of their relationship and love."

to see more of this wedding go here

Sneak Peek: Real Wedding

Stop by LWB later today for closer look at a sweet, small, whimsical wedding held on the coast of Washington state.

Cécile Boccara

Cécile Boccara's beautiful hand made creations add a touch of whimsy to any brides attire.
Her studio is based in Paris, France (sigh) but also makes many pieces to order. If your in the states, some of her pretty little things can be found exclusively at NYC Anthropologie stores....
take a look at her feathers, flowers, birds galore collection

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

1920's silk lace dress

For the modern bride it may be a nonwhite wedding and this delicate, silver silk lace dress may be the perfect answer. The subtle sparkle of silver and 1920's silhouette, a perfect fit for any bride seeking something different, like the dress this bride wore

(image source)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Paris Winter Engagement

I don't know about you but these engagement photographs, taken in Paris, sure put me in the mood for winter. I'm usually not one for engagement photos, in fact, I think this is the very first time I've ever posted a set but I couldn't resist these sweet Parisian shots.  They feel more natural than the million others I've come across. I know, I know, how unromantic of me but honestly, all I've been seeing lately are engagement photos that look more like advertisements for "happily ever after". Don't get me wrong, I know it is important for some couples to capture the engagement period but sometimes they look, well, forced. They're usually too staged, too many props, too many wardrobe changes, too much I tell ya! But if it's ya thing then it's ya thing, it's just not mine. What happen to photographing, at that very moment of the engagement candid shot? which do you prefer candid or staged?
to see more of this shoot go here
Photography by Vancouver based Melia Sorenson of Lucida Photography

Monday, September 13, 2010

petite cake inspiration

A tight wedding budget may not leave room for that 5 tiered wedding cake you've been dreaming about but don't fret, just scale down and get creative. Ask your baker, to create, a mini version of that tiered wedding cake you've been pining over for just you and the hubby. And for your guests, hop on the wedding cupcake trend. You can serve the same cake flavor or a variety of flavors.  Tired of this wedding wedding trend?  try other small sweets like small pies, petite fours 
Or what about a beautiful display of mini art inspired cakes like this bride and groom

images clockwise (starting at upper left hand corner) : jesse leake, oh darling, lucida photography, kate harrison photography, silvana difranco

Friday, September 10, 2010

little weekly finds...

in LOVE with the back of this lovely beauty and this one
need to get my hands on this
imaging having a gigantic library
scribble art on MEGA scale
let them eat cake art show
wanna get married in a treehouse? yes, please.
i would love to commission this talented artist to paint my floors.
a DIY outdoor shower
one sleeve chicness
can't wait to see this episode
how to obtain these without braking the bank account?
book sculpture
inspiration for sprucing up my bathroom

just for the sheer ridiculousness. srsly.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

love is in the air

Love is definitely in the air. I just found out my dear dear friends got engaged!
Oh, I am super super happy and soooo excited for them. K. is my childhood friend\sister\nyc roomie during my college days\early twenties pretending to be adults, basically she is my bff.....we have been there and back. When I fell in love and moved from NYC to Italy, the distance was tough but we managed. Then she fell in love and moved to San Fran, widening the distance even more....but somehow we still managed. Managed meaning, plenty of meetings around the globe (nyc, raleigh, italy, greece and san fran) and some places multiple times, all within the span of the last three years. Srsly. We really should just think about living in the same town, it be easier on our bank accounts.
Oh my head is spinning happiness and of course wedding ideas. I know it will be a unique, whimsical, intimate affair in the hills of Northern Cali wine country but the question is where? any ideas my friends? do share.....


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

French Forest Wedding

If you've been reading Little Winter Bride for a while, most of you know by now that I am a flower fanatic, a lover of all things involving nature and the more wild, the better. So naturally, one of my daily reads over morning coffee is, Tigers to Lilies, a blog, dedicated to all things nature and natural. I have super love for her style. Recently, Lili, the little lady behind this inspiring site said her "I do's" among the trees of a little forest in Gien, France. So course, I had to know more and Lili was kind enough to share some photos with me...
An intimate french fete filled with friends, family, feathers in a forest..OH MY! (now say that 10 times and fast.... like "she said sea shells at the sea shore") oh dear....I have fallen in love with this little party and that's just the beginning of this whimsical wedding. For more delish details head over here....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Budget Bouquet

I picked up some light pink wax flowers at the farmers market the other day. Each stem contains many little blossoms, so I only bought three which was more than enough to create, one small bouquet and one boutonniere. I used kitchen twine to secure the stems and leftover green raffia that I had lying around (most likely from a gift, yes I'm one of those that saves all gift wrapping and ribbons to recycle for gift giving) to make the bow and one scented geranium leaf from my window box for the boutonniere. Viola!
These budget friendly flowers are usually available all year round and come in light pink, dark pink, mauve and white
Florist's typically use them as fillers in flower arrangements but I think they make a sweet statement on their own, don't you agree?

Monday, September 6, 2010

silver lace

Bring in the metallic for the winter wedding season. I'm leaning towards silver lace, like the one this bride wore. The pattern is a delicate appliquè lace floral motif and the silver color is what makes this adorable dress special. Long lace dress not your thing? How about a short, festive cocktail dress, like this pretty thing or maybe a more budget friendly one?

(image tealily photography)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

sunday in milano

It's Sunday in Milan and the weather is slowly changing it's tune, which puts me in the mood for some comfort food cooking. The smell of roasted chicken or turkey (depending the time of year) drizzled with gravy reminds me of home. And of course a side dish of potato's (mashed or roasted) and string beans. Whether it was my grandmothers house or my own childhood home, there is just something about that smell that is comforting. While cooking this evening, I have to admit, I'm already planning Thanksgiving in my head. Love this time of year.

(photos Deirdre Quinn)

Friday, September 3, 2010

little weekly finds......

it's seems like babies galore this month (and more arrivals in months ahead) among our friends so I was thrilled to stumble upon these onesies. don't they make adorable gifts? and I simply cannot resist these ruffles
can't wait to get my hands on this childrens book for my nephews
some seaweed and ocean plant illustrations
inspiring vintage pressed flower book
would simply be in heaven to rest my little head in this summer tree house and maybe the main house would look something like this and if one were to stretch this dream further, this would be where we would host lavish dinners.....
this amazing before and after home renovation of this Parisian apt.
a few simple wedding bouquets
an intimate and enchanting forest wedding found here
a vintage wedding gown for $695
if i could upgrade my hunter boots i would choose these
plastic bags made into art

Thursday, September 2, 2010

i heart nyc

The past couple of days I've been missing NYC
thinking of my family and friends back home across the big blue....sigh
then I stumbled on this little treasure created by designer H. Sakurai
and it put a smile on my face
for those of you that are NYC brides, these little jewels would make great bridesmaid gifts
and better yet, why not gift them in these goodie bags

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

it only takes two....

I'm truly in awe of this simply beautiful and chic nyc city hall wedding
really, at the end of the day, that's all you need, right?
love EVERYTHING about this wedding.
the talented lady behind the lens is, Jimena Roquero
for more favorite nyc city hall here and here