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Friday, July 18, 2008

DVF for your Bridesmaids

So, you've picked your dress; now it's time to style your little ladies in waiting a.k.a. bridesmaids or as I like to say, "testimone"
I'm not the traditional type when it comes to the wedding party nor am I one for matching hemlines, colors or material. I personally like to mix it up. We've all seen 27 dresses, and instead filling your dear friends closets with one more dress they will never wear again, why not dress them in a something they WILL wear again and again, like these Diane Von Furstenberg beauties pictured below from ZOE, a cute little store in DUMBO/brklyn and Princeton NJ. I know, I know, the price tag on these fancy little things can be steep but so can a typical bridesmaid dress. Think about it this way, it's an investment for all those fabulous festivities they will attend in the future not to mention, a timeless and elegant piece for their wardrobe.

Arianna Wrap Dress, $385

{images via ZOE}

p.s. a DVF classic wrap dress looks FAB on anyone!
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