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Friday, October 21, 2011

WEDDING STYLE: Winter Wedding Greta

Who says you need a meringue-like ball gown for ya nuptials? I don't but I do believe you should marry in style. My fav 2011 winter wedding picks are: short, chic and a pop of that peacock color we all keep seeing around this season. (Yes, I too fall for trends. shhh) Color not your thing? try winter grey. And don't fret if you're still at a loss finding the dress, cause that Lulu Frost seems to be the necklace that will prettify anything or anyone. Heck, I suggest ya build your wedding style around it. It's freakin dreamy, no?

1.) wool crepe dress  via net-a-porter  2.) necklace via lulu frost  3.) alpaca coat via match fashions  4.) bouquet by florisity via  5.) shoes via match fashions

Note: This winter wedding board was inspired by my grandmother, Greta. For fancy festivities she always rocked her rhinestone necklaces and kept warm in my grandfathers hand me down camel coats. 
She is still quite the lady at 99.


(Greta and dad New York City circa 1943)


Ariel Dearie Flowers said...

This post is so sweet! What a great photograph!

didi said...

grazie ariel! it's my most prized photo of my greta and dad.