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Thursday, September 9, 2010

love is in the air

Love is definitely in the air. I just found out my dear dear friends got engaged!
Oh, I am super super happy and soooo excited for them. K. is my childhood friend\sister\nyc roomie during my college days\early twenties pretending to be adults, basically she is my bff.....we have been there and back. When I fell in love and moved from NYC to Italy, the distance was tough but we managed. Then she fell in love and moved to San Fran, widening the distance even more....but somehow we still managed. Managed meaning, plenty of meetings around the globe (nyc, raleigh, italy, greece and san fran) and some places multiple times, all within the span of the last three years. Srsly. We really should just think about living in the same town, it be easier on our bank accounts.
Oh my head is spinning happiness and of course wedding ideas. I know it will be a unique, whimsical, intimate affair in the hills of Northern Cali wine country but the question is where? any ideas my friends? do share.....