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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Morgane Le Fay wedding dresses

images from morgane le fay

Looking for an alternative wedding dress, one that might be a bit offbeat and in color?
You might want to try Morgane Le Fay (stores in NYC & LA)
If your on the hunt for a unique, modern yet romantic wedding dress with out all the glam and glitter, this is your place.
At the Soho shop location in NYC, you will enter into a beautiful tranquil airy loft like space, refreshing after a long day of stressful bridal shopping, where
you will find dramatic yet quiet dresses hanging on suspended racks just longing to be swept away to the next romantic festivity.
Now a days more brides are opting for something other then the traditional white dress, go here to read more....
Note: most styles you see in color also come in ivory.