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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Archiving the Dress

You've searched high and low for the perfect wedding dress, the big day comes, you wear it, celebrate and after, in the box it goes, waiting, patiently, that just maybe, someday, someone else will come along and wear it again. But before that pretty little dress finds a new home in the hall closet or heads out to shine for another blushing bride, why not archive your special dress with an avant guarde portrait? Photographer, Dorothy O'Oconnor, has been capturing the feminine spirit of the wedding dress for many sentimental brides with her 4x5 camera, creating portraits that will tell the unique, dreamy story over and over again. How sweet is that? And wouldn't it make for a lovely anniversary gift?
p.s. be sure to also check out Dorothy's fine art work here
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