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Monday, October 31, 2011


1.) dark grey shrug via Nicole Farhi 2.) beige dress $424 via 
3.) earrings via Otte 4.) black peep-toe shoes via

This week I will be posting various "budget" friendly dresses as alternate winter wedding options for the little lady in need of something a bit, well, unbride-like but still wants to feel like a bride, make sense? I thought so. This beige number would be lurvely and mos def get more uses out of the style in the future. (I said "budget" dress but I'm going all out with accessories, um I can't hold back) Here in Italy you have two choices, church or civil ceremony this wedding style would be perfect for either but I'm leaning towards civial ceremony, which is the equivelant to courthouse wedding except here you might be in a GORG fresco on the wall kind of place....

Happy Halloween

You may be yay or nay for Halloween but I'm quite the fan. hello I have a black cat.
Sadly, we don't get trick or treaters here in Italy but I did manage to get a pumpkin which I cannot wait to carve tonight along with watching some scary classics.
So, keeping up the today's holiday theme, let's dip into the LWB archive and around the wedding blog web for some Halloween wedding inspiration
Southern Halloween inspired rehearsal dinner
Would you consider getting married on Halloween? I kinda did but could not convince the hubs. I do think it would make for a festive, costume-like ball, no?

Stop by later today for some "budget" wedding style winter dress alternatives.....

(image source: Illustration by Edward Gory via learning to share)

Friday, October 28, 2011

little weekly finds.......

Autumn wedding treats for your desert table

polka dot vintage wedding dress 
blk and wht stripe party dress
vintage 1930s french tulle, sequined bolero  
 or this blk sparkling number
sweet sparrow earrings
watch how sweet this grooms reaction is when he sees his bride for the first time. hell ya!
I have a whole appreciation for the little weed called: dandelion found via unruly things

 What spooky festivities are you up to this weekend?
We have a long holiday weekend, yay! "Morti" (day of the dead) is an observed holiday here in Italy.
I plan to spend the weekend relaxing and djing with the hubs...and maybe some pumpkin carving... and maybe roast chestnuts...hmmmmm, paired with vino and cheese. it's our fav.

Be sure to stop by next week for a line up of "budget" wedding style winter dress alternatives.....


How would like to have a profile pendant of your lurve? Maybe a secret word that's shared only between you two lovebirds? Or how about wearing your sweets initials around ya neck? Designer, Poupette, creates custom orders of your choice: sterling silver, gold filled or 14 karat solid gold necklaces. Oh and for an extra $50, have your pick of a white or black diamond. Ba-ba-bling! Anniversary gift done. Now all  you need is your sweet significant other to see this post so he\she can secretly place an order.

(images via Poupette)

STYLE: Little Black Velvet Dress

Don't worry, I found that perfect black dress you've been needing for all those holiday shin digs ya got lined up this winter.  It could even double up for some of those winter weddings you've been invited to....
Now, for those fab shoes to go with.......

(photo via Oak)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

VENUE: Villa San Carlo Borromeo

Let's face it, weddings that take place here in Italy, don't need much, "decor" especially if your lucky enough to host it in a mega historical like Villa San Carlo Borromeo. Aside from a glowing bride and groom that ooze lurve, delish food and vino being served, one doesn't have to get all crazy with extra details to make this spot special, I mean it's pretty spectacular on its own. The grounds, architecture and chandeliers are enough to mesmerize your guests the minute they arrive. And how enchanting would it be to have it in winter? I know that it's not the most popular season for Italians, they seem to stick close to tradition, choosing spring or early summer for their big day but come on, just look at Villa San Carlo Borromeo covered in a blanket of fresh snow, how magic is that? And you don't have to run off to the trendo hills of Tuscany for an Italian villa scene (cause I know most destination brides do, let's branch out, okay?) this pretty locale is just 30 minutes outside Milano city center and looks magnificent any time of the year......

Although Milano is pretty wonderful and festive during the winter holiday season, just sayin....

What winter location is your favorite? would love to hear

 (images via villa san carlo borromeo)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ACCESSORIES: Silver Lace Caplet

 This silver lace caplet is just begging for a whimsical, winter, bride. Oh right, that's you. Aren't you glad you took that much needed coffee break to check in with me today? Now, go make a bid. For more silver lace inspiration, perfect for a winter wedding, check with the LWB archives here and here.

(the lace caplet reminds me of Ms. July's fab outfit in this film)


 How sweet is this blush and gold lace shift dress? $396 it's a steal and all you need for your courthouse nuptials.
Oh, that and these lovelies along with your lurve. I mean, he or she is the numero uno reason you're getting all dolled up, right? Be sure to check out more of Tibi's fine frocks: something gold, something lace and ya can neva go wrong with some ruffles

(image source Tibi)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

little weekly finds.......

imagine being able to get your hands on a j.mendel dress for your wedding?
if you have a GORG back, you should consider rocking this style
re-use that tin can and make a magical tabletop
....and the obsession for green art deco jewelry continues or any green jewelry for that matter
a black and white wedding dress
itsy bitsy ring
vintage black velvet party dress for the holidays
moody blue and gold inspiration via Snippet & Ink, Kathryn always nails it with her boards.

Have a lovely weekend!

WEDDING STYLE: Winter Wedding Greta

Who says you need a meringue-like ball gown for ya nuptials? I don't but I do believe you should marry in style. My fav 2011 winter wedding picks are: short, chic and a pop of that peacock color we all keep seeing around this season. (Yes, I too fall for trends. shhh) Color not your thing? try winter grey. And don't fret if you're still at a loss finding the dress, cause that Lulu Frost seems to be the necklace that will prettify anything or anyone. Heck, I suggest ya build your wedding style around it. It's freakin dreamy, no?

1.) wool crepe dress  via net-a-porter  2.) necklace via lulu frost  3.) alpaca coat via match fashions  4.) bouquet by florisity via  5.) shoes via match fashions

Note: This winter wedding board was inspired by my grandmother, Greta. For fancy festivities she always rocked her rhinestone necklaces and kept warm in my grandfathers hand me down camel coats. 
She is still quite the lady at 99.


(Greta and dad New York City circa 1943)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

JEWELS: Chrysoprase rings

Traditional gemstones not your thing? Let me introduce you to my new little friend, chrysoprase. Um can we say gorgelicious?  This unique gem created by Zoe and Morgan, set in a gold surrounded by white sapphires is a stunner. Or even this one, created by the same designer. I'm pretty sure either one would fulfill the desire for something unique.  For more chrysoprase jewels go here, here, here and here and hey what not  coral as an alternative?

(photo via

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

VINTAGE: Ginger Rogers Dance on Air.....

This vintage number reminds me of Old Hollywood movie star style, with those long silk chiffon inset godets at the bottom for dramatic flare and movement. Wear this beauty and your guaranteed to glide around the dance floor like Ginger Rogers. This dress is just begging for a dancer bride, where are you already? Now all you need are the perfect dancer shoes, cause we all know that those stylish heels you want to wear might not make it to the designated dancing area. Why not make a secret switch just for dancing with these puppies. (Your feets will thank you before the night is over) A former dancer myself, I swear by them. You'll be Voguing all night long.......

(Photo via Torso Vintage)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Special Delivery

 Since yesterday was my grandmothers 99th birthday, I thought best to send a special delivery and of course nothing cheers her up more then fresh flowers. She loves pink and green. She loves flowers and use to spend summers tending to her garden at her house in Long Island. I remember the rows and rows of tiger lilies. They were my favorite, 1.) because orange was my fav color growing up and 2.) they were tall and towered over me, they felt like super flowers. Her garden was quite spectacular.
So I emailed my new fav Brooklyn based, flower lady, Ariel Dearie and asked her if she could make something special for my grandmother. Looks like she worked her flower magic, isn't the arrangement lovely and sweet? And my grandmother was so cute on the phone gushing over her flowers: "Tank you very much for my flowers, tey're BEAUTIFUL" in her Irish brogue. (it's super cute when she says "thank you" or any TH word, as she drops the H cause she can't pronounce the TH sound)

  So, bridal peeps, if you're still hunting for a florist, ya might wanna ring this creative lady up, like now.

WEDDING STYLE: Vera Wang Spring 2012

I have to admit, I'm NOT feeling Vera Wang's Spring 2012 collection. Where's the "unlike" button? The models look, well, sad and lost in the flesh tone dresses and bed head hair. She tried to do edgy bridal but her version just doesn't work for me. Maybe she just missed the boat with styling? However, I am warming up to this one and this one, they might work well for a Autumn\Halloween bride costume party. What are your thoughts? ya or nay? Would love to hear from ya dear readers...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Something Special

A little something personal that I wanted to share, as today is my grandmother Greta's 99th birthday.
She is quite the little lady. Raised on a horse farm in Kilkenny, Ireland from a family of 19 brothers and sisters. She left home at the age of 16, traveled across the ocean seeking a better life in America. Landed in New York City where she worked various odd jobs then traveled for some time working around the states, from Miami, Denver, Hollywood, San Diego and back to NYC where at age 27 she met my grandfather. They got married and soon after had my father followed by 3 more children, all names starting with the letter K, after her hometown in Ireland. Married for 50 years (my papa passed almost 20 years ago) a mother to 4, grandmother to 8 and great-grandmother to 3. She is a mighty women with beautiful strength, so much to admire. This is one of my favorite photographs of my grandparents on their wedding day in New York City, September 1940. 
I love when my grandmother tells me how papa asked for her hand in marriage:

"We were at Sunday mass, when Papa took my hand and slipped the ring on my finger. And that was that."

I also love that they're having a spot of tea at their reception. Oh and that my grandmother rented her dress. Why don't peeps do that anymore? Sure makes sense to me if you're on a budget, right? I'm curious, would you rent a wedding dress?

(greta and arthur on their wedding day)

JEWELS: 1907 Ring with a secret message...

This isn't your ordinary, classic, gold wedding band. Look closely, cause this little gem of a ring opens up to reveal a secret message of your choice. How ridic and sweet is that? Designer, Kristen Wentreck, the brain child and creator behind design company, Wintercheck Factory, was inspired by a family heirloom ring from 1907. How romantic! Do you love this as much as I do? I want one and I would inscribe a secret phrase that A. and I pretty much say to each other every day and every night.
What would you inscribe?
Watch the video for a closer look......

(image and video source)

1907 Ring from Kristen Wentrcek on Vimeo.

Friday, October 14, 2011

little weekly finds.......

dig this brides style in a chic, short, fitted, tank dress.
designer silver holiday dresses on sale 1, 2, 3
sea glass colored apothecary bottles
1950's wedding dress for $298!
Whichgoose has her new site
Gorgeous Art Deco green glass necklace
beautiful fall invites via Oncewed 
ghost writer photographer caused quite a stir this week

Off to my mother in law's for a cooking lesson. I'm trying my best to pick up her magic, Italian cooking skills, which you a can read about here next week.
Then A. and I are djing tomorrow!
And finally it's getting cold here in Milan, maybe Sunday calls for friends, roasted chestnuts, cheese and wine party....

Have a lovely weekend....


I love the idea of vintage fur or faux fur caplets but it's sometimes a different story when it's on a real human being, it can make one look like a dressed up cuddly animal from the wild. Not to mention, the weight of the fur can add extra layers, one might not need or desire.  So, if you're a regular reader of LWB you might have seen a link on my "little weekly finds" last week to what appears to look like a fancy, smancy fur caplet. However, I'm afraid not all love this style. Too fur sweatshirt? (esb, love how you come up with this stuff). Now looking at it,  I have to sort of agree but then I remembered the winter bride pictured above from an old NYmag weddings issue and I have to say, she certainly pulls of the fur sweatshirt look. Quite chic, no? 
Fur not your thing?
Don't fret,  here are a few wool, caplets with a contemporary twist that I found on ArtLab.

(image barnaby drapper, bride pictured in a mink caplet)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

TREASURE HUNT: Antique Brussels lace

This pretty little number is a "look but don't touch" you shall realize this once your eyeballs land on the hefty price tag. But how amazing is the intricate, handmade, antique, lace? I can't even imagine how many painstaking hours it took to make. Yikes! Here are a few other options that could be a lighter on the wallet.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Morgan Le Fay Spring Summer 2012 Trunk Show

Morgan Le Fay
Spring Summer 2012 Trunk Show
Wooster: Oct. 12th - 13th
Madison: Oct. 14th - 15th
Malibu: Oct. 19th - 20th
Santa Monica: Oct. 21st - 22nd

Spring, Summer, heck all brides, what are ya waiting for? If you're on the hunt for that, unbride, unique, quiet yet edgy, ethereal dress, then this is your place.

(image via Morgan Le Fay)


What to do when the beautiful flowers you've been dreaming of don't fit your budget? Don't under estimate the power of GREENS! Do use foliage for your decor. It could be as simple as this setting of ferns in gold vases. How delicate, warm and inviting do these tables look? This genius table setting created by the design team, Hey Look. 
Also, be sure to check out their latest, a Mediterranean table setting, pure, natural, chicness.

some lovely greens to consider: cedar, magnolia leaves, myrtle, ferns, seeded eucalyptus

(found via ruffled)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FLOWER SPOTLIGHT: Ariel Dearie Flowers

Last week, I stumbled upon a new little flower studio (thanks to the lovely flowerette, Chelsea over at Frolic!) called, Ariel Dearie Flowers. The studio, a freshly planted seed in the ground of Williamsburg, Brooklyn creates: whimsical, free flowing bouquets and arrangements. Ariel, the creator behind this sweet studio specializes in weddings and events throughout the East Coast and in New Orleans (her childhood home) but willing to travel further. When she is not working on wedding related events, she also creates arrangements for photo shoots and restaurants. 
Imagine working with flowers all day long? Her work life sounds dreamy. Actually, magical if ya ask me.
I had a few, lovely, email exchanges with the creator and thought I'd share her personal journey on how she became a florist.

From Ariel:
"I grew up in New  Orleans, a city full of lush, overgrown gardens. My family's backyard felt like a tropical jungle; full of Banana Trees, Japanese Plums, and Wild Ginger, all canopied under a grand old Oak Tree. I had always appreciated my surroundings, but didn't realize just how much I would miss certain things until I experienced a few gray New York winters. I found myself happy to be living in NYC but yearning for more nature and green. I had done flowers for restaurants in New Orleans and New York and realized that this would be a way to bring those gardens with me. I interned briefly with the lovely Emily Thompson and then decided to leave my job and start my own Flower Studio. I haven't regretted it once!"

So, NYC/ East Coast and New Orleans brides, snatch this little lady up for your big day. Her work is srsly, enchanting. But that is to be expected, as she learned from the best.
I look forward to watching this little seed grow and flourish in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn. 

(image source: Ariel Dearie)

Monday, October 10, 2011

NYmag Weddings: Winter 2011 Issue

Just received my New York Magazine Wedding Winter 2011 Issue and took a little afternoon cafe break to read it cover to cover.
 Many goodies inside and of course my favorite, a feature on Monotone bouquets. Get ready to feast your eyeballs on a rainbow of flowers galore!
Be sure to pick up your 2011 Winter issue on newsstands tomorrow, October 11.

Can't wait till then? Then head over to their site for some wedding goods that should tie you over till the morning. Here are a few of my favs:

Love the top of this delicate lace dress
red hot unconventional dress
short style for modern minimalist bride
one dress four styles and I heart this one

Friday, October 7, 2011

little weekly finds.......

the word is, BIG bridal bouquets
GORG Rosa Clara wedding gowns
winter cocktail time idea, champagne paired with smores
 Hey, winter brides, wouldn't it be great to get this style in a good fake fur? for all animal lovers, including myself, ya gotta look past the real fur part. what do you think, yay or nay? 
I would love to hear what you all think?

Apparently, I'm obsessed with fast tracking it to winter, as I sit through another Indian summer day here in Milano.  A. and I are off to Assisi for a fall weekend (hopefully it will feel crisp there)  to attend an art opening for two of my dear friends\ former colleagues, can't wait!
It's our first time to Assisi, so excited and if you want to see snippets of our travels
I will writing about it here

VINTAGE: Herve Leger

Herve Leger vintage for your big can we say stunner?
now all you need is that BIG, dramatic bouquet

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flowers at Sofia Coppola's Wedding

 Stumbled across some pics of Sofia Coppola's very important guests arriving, the flowers! 
Looks like it was a flowers galore kinda of event!
Wouldn't you love to know how it all unfolded? I bet it was pure magic.
Maybe it will be printed somewhere, someday but for now we can settle for the Italian media video peek of the couple and tiny keyhole (literally video footage through a keyhole) peek of the event

(1st image, 2nd image, 3-5 images)