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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FLOWER SPOTLIGHT: Ariel Dearie Flowers

Last week, I stumbled upon a new little flower studio (thanks to the lovely flowerette, Chelsea over at Frolic!) called, Ariel Dearie Flowers. The studio, a freshly planted seed in the ground of Williamsburg, Brooklyn creates: whimsical, free flowing bouquets and arrangements. Ariel, the creator behind this sweet studio specializes in weddings and events throughout the East Coast and in New Orleans (her childhood home) but willing to travel further. When she is not working on wedding related events, she also creates arrangements for photo shoots and restaurants. 
Imagine working with flowers all day long? Her work life sounds dreamy. Actually, magical if ya ask me.
I had a few, lovely, email exchanges with the creator and thought I'd share her personal journey on how she became a florist.

From Ariel:
"I grew up in New  Orleans, a city full of lush, overgrown gardens. My family's backyard felt like a tropical jungle; full of Banana Trees, Japanese Plums, and Wild Ginger, all canopied under a grand old Oak Tree. I had always appreciated my surroundings, but didn't realize just how much I would miss certain things until I experienced a few gray New York winters. I found myself happy to be living in NYC but yearning for more nature and green. I had done flowers for restaurants in New Orleans and New York and realized that this would be a way to bring those gardens with me. I interned briefly with the lovely Emily Thompson and then decided to leave my job and start my own Flower Studio. I haven't regretted it once!"

So, NYC/ East Coast and New Orleans brides, snatch this little lady up for your big day. Her work is srsly, enchanting. But that is to be expected, as she learned from the best.
I look forward to watching this little seed grow and flourish in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn. 

(image source: Ariel Dearie)