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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Winter Bride where have you been?

Well, hello dear little winter bride's been a little while but now that LWB has settled into a new city, there's plenty to share with you all.  In addition to the new city, I've been busy as a bee working on a newish project, (I say "newish" cause it's been an under the radar project for some time now but finally coming into a new phase that I'm excited to share with you all) hence why posts have come to a halt here on LWB.  It's almost ready to share, so stay tuned. Also, I've been spending more time over at the lifestyle blog, House of Violetta, so be sure to pop on over there for your frequent daily\weekly updates of life as an expat in Italy. In the meantime,  I stumbled upon this elegant, fancy pants wedding dress (see above pic) in a shop window here in Bologna, isn't the back, stunning? Feast your eyes on some of the other lovely wedding gowns from this shop over here.

(Image: dress from Tosca Spose shop, Poesie collection, "Alda Merini" style)