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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Special Delivery

 Since yesterday was my grandmothers 99th birthday, I thought best to send a special delivery and of course nothing cheers her up more then fresh flowers. She loves pink and green. She loves flowers and use to spend summers tending to her garden at her house in Long Island. I remember the rows and rows of tiger lilies. They were my favorite, 1.) because orange was my fav color growing up and 2.) they were tall and towered over me, they felt like super flowers. Her garden was quite spectacular.
So I emailed my new fav Brooklyn based, flower lady, Ariel Dearie and asked her if she could make something special for my grandmother. Looks like she worked her flower magic, isn't the arrangement lovely and sweet? And my grandmother was so cute on the phone gushing over her flowers: "Tank you very much for my flowers, tey're BEAUTIFUL" in her Irish brogue. (it's super cute when she says "thank you" or any TH word, as she drops the H cause she can't pronounce the TH sound)

  So, bridal peeps, if you're still hunting for a florist, ya might wanna ring this creative lady up, like now.

WEDDING STYLE: Vera Wang Spring 2012

I have to admit, I'm NOT feeling Vera Wang's Spring 2012 collection. Where's the "unlike" button? The models look, well, sad and lost in the flesh tone dresses and bed head hair. She tried to do edgy bridal but her version just doesn't work for me. Maybe she just missed the boat with styling? However, I am warming up to this one and this one, they might work well for a Autumn\Halloween bride costume party. What are your thoughts? ya or nay? Would love to hear from ya dear readers...