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Monday, October 17, 2011

Something Special

A little something personal that I wanted to share, as today is my grandmother Greta's 99th birthday.
She is quite the little lady. Raised on a horse farm in Kilkenny, Ireland from a family of 19 brothers and sisters. She left home at the age of 16, traveled across the ocean seeking a better life in America. Landed in New York City where she worked various odd jobs then traveled for some time working around the states, from Miami, Denver, Hollywood, San Diego and back to NYC where at age 27 she met my grandfather. They got married and soon after had my father followed by 3 more children, all names starting with the letter K, after her hometown in Ireland. Married for 50 years (my papa passed almost 20 years ago) a mother to 4, grandmother to 8 and great-grandmother to 3. She is a mighty women with beautiful strength, so much to admire. This is one of my favorite photographs of my grandparents on their wedding day in New York City, September 1940. 
I love when my grandmother tells me how papa asked for her hand in marriage:

"We were at Sunday mass, when Papa took my hand and slipped the ring on my finger. And that was that."

I also love that they're having a spot of tea at their reception. Oh and that my grandmother rented her dress. Why don't peeps do that anymore? Sure makes sense to me if you're on a budget, right? I'm curious, would you rent a wedding dress?

(greta and arthur on their wedding day)


chelsea said...

I love love love this photo. Thank you so much for sharing and happy birthday to your grandma! She has one of my favorite names too!

didi said...

@ Chelsea, thank you for the sweet comment. She sure is a special lady and it's also my most fav name too! :)

Bridal Decoration said...

Really nice pics. These couple have a lot of grace in their personality :)