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Friday, November 14, 2008

Campground Wedding

Found this beautiful wedding via Saipua.
I'm loving the campground location in upstate NY as their venue and adore the flowers, my favorite, Saipua, of course.

For more gorgeous photographs by Robert Sukrachand go
here and here.

(photographs via Robert Sukrachand)


Martha said...

What a fun wedding...the kind I wish I could attend! :)

Martha B.

Darling Dexter said...

this wedding is so great...i love the campground location!!

CTemp said...

that is awesome. nice way to show your individuality. more weddings need to break the mold and do things that fit the bride and groom. i always notice that when i go to a wedding that is very traditional and the happy couple is not traditional the wedding generally are not as fun. but when the bride and groom have a wedding that fits them, they are fun.


Ashley L. said...

I LOVE the dress, creative location, and groomsman style! Very cool! :)

ps. I LOVE your blog!

cj said...

Wow... This is awesome. I wish I was there!