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Friday, November 11, 2011

little weekly finds.......

wedding etiquette tips for those that are into that sort of thing
ridic ring via the AH-mazing, hilarious, eastside bride
 3 party dresses that could be worn as a winter wedding dresses for a new year's eve elopement or small intimate affair
glittery eyes, ya know for that fab new years eve party you'll be attending
 and keeping with glittery theme, anti-Jem and The Holograms makeup tips
yes, we've all seen them but let's drool over them again shall we, vintage jenny packham dresses 2012
I'm obsessed with grey & black diamonds
 instead of flowers, what about mini citrus trees for your tables

Remember a couple months back, when I was in Northern Cali for my bff's wedding?
Well, stop by next week to see some beautifulicious images from that glorious day
Have a lovely weekend, see ya Monday

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