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Friday, July 22, 2011

little weekly finds.......

these colorful stacked rings
how about some hand crafted candies like these or these as wedding favors?
I love how succulents are used everywhere (esp. the cake) in this elegant, rustic intimate Malibu wedding..........which reminds me of another favorite, elegant, rustic, California wedding that popped up last year.
hand painted vintage floral plate
love this bridal style from head to toe
how lovely are these to clink some bubbly in? But my eyeballs can't get over how costly. I think I'd rather head to the flea market to find my treasure for a little less. As much as I adore, Anthropologie, at times it really makes me a little peeved at how much they over charge on some things. Okay, everything. anyone else?

Have any fun plans for the weekend?
A. and I are having a quiet, mellow, weekend at home in Milan. The weather has been oddly perfect for this time of year. Maybe I'll work in the garden tomorrow....
speaking of gardens, was in Roma last weekend and spent a lovely afternoon here.

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