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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vintage Jewels

Gorgeousness oh my!
these antique rose cut diamond rings from the Georgian period, are unique and lovely in every way.
 A beautiful choice for an engagement ring, don't you think?

What period do you favor? Edwardian? Art Deco?........

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Emily said...

Why is it that these - as vintage - are absolutely gorgeous, but the modern equivalent is always, in mind mind, horribly tacky?

It's almost like the ageing process stops them being too over the top.

Lovely rings :)

littlewinterbride said...

i totally agree : )

Emily said...

Hehe. Any guy who decides to marry me's going to have a hell of a time finding an engagement ring. I'm a jeweller, don't wear rings and I hate things which are too flashy/tacky ;)

That said a friend of mine (a fellow jeweller) got engaged to her boyfriend and the lovely fellow that he was bought her a diamond instead of a ring. The idea being that she could design a ring around it, then would have it made by someone else. Therefore getting a ring she loves but it still being a gift.

I think that's a really sweet and perfect way to get something special. :)

Vicky said...

this is absolutely gorgeous...where can i find it??