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Monday, July 14, 2008

Real Wedding Spotlight: Aleksandra and Nathan

This picturesque winter wedding gives a new meaning to"white wedding"

{all photography by Calla Evans Photography}

My jaw dropped when I discovered, Aleksandra and Nathan's, unique December wedding. This beautiful, small affair was held at The Coach House at SunnyBrook Estates, in Toronto, Canada.
Calla Evans, the ever so talented, Toronto based photographer (who happens to be wedding photography business partners with Aleksandra) was kind enough to share some of most stunning photos of what I think is, a picture perfect, white wedding.
There are so many wonderful elements to this wedding, the winter snow, simple white with hints of purple bouquet, the warmth, the pretty little cake, and not to mention the photography.
But my all time favorite element is the brides outfit. Since the brides attire can be a hefty cost when planning, this creative little bride decided to design something she could wear again. The outfit was inspired by the brides favorite fashion period Dior New Look circa 1947 and constructed by her seamstress, Natasha. The bride also wore two hats: one for the ceremony and one for the reception.
How fabulous and chic does she look? love it!
Creative, budget savvy, chic alternative for bridal attire. Instead of spending oodles on something you will never wear again, how about spending it on something extra special that you can wear again and again?

For more details on this spectacular wedding, go here and for more beautiful weddings shot by Calla Evans Photography go here and here


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful wedding!! great post!!

Lara said...

GORGEOUS! Beautiful wedding! I love your blog too.

Bridal Affairs said...

This wedding looks like something out of a storybook!! Absolutely beautiful and totally a one of a kind!

Cate Subrosa said...

I love this wedding... it was one of my first inspirations!

kristina said...

this is an amazing wedding. it's so moody and different and stylish. And I bet the wedding was completely that couple's style. There is something temptingly beautiful about a wedding with snow...

Emmanuel@Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas said...

Wow! The wedding looked very intimate and romantic. What a great winter wedding. Congratulations. :D