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Sunday, April 20, 2008

a little special musical guest........

Another detail to make your wedding little more unique, is having a special musical guest. We were lucky to have good friends of ours, Au Revior Simone, play a little concert at our wedding. We had them play 4 songs just after the cake and then it was back to the full on dance party.....

If your planning having a dj or playing music via ipod, which are a lot cheaper then hiring a full on band, having a little musical guest play a couple of songs can be a nice balance and addition to your cocktail hour. A great way to find musicians, is to look at your local bars\restaurants and small music venues. There you will find musicians that are not going to break the bank. Maybe you would like to have jazz trio or string quartet or maybe even something a bit more out there, like a klezmer band. Last summer, my husband and I attended a country wedding here in northern Italy, where the bride and groom walked in a procession with all the guest from the church to the venue, led by a klezmer band. It was fantastic and really set the tone for the party.

Here are some of my favorite little restaurants and bars in the nyc/brklyn area that have live music weekly........
it's a great way to sample potential musicians you are considering to hire for your big day.

Moto, williamsburg brklyn
Barb├Ęs, park slope brklyn
Pete's Candy Store, williamsburg, brklyn
The Antique Garage, nyc
Cafe Steinhof, park slope brklyn

check out the little list of musicians
The Mad Jazz Hatters, brklyn
Baby Soda Jazzz Band, brklyn
Klezmer band, brklyn
The Blue Viper's of Brooklyn
The Moonlighters, brklyn
Delta Dreambox, brklyn
The Slavic Soul Party, brklyn

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this blog is the real deal.
i need a post with instructions to find a partner, so I can plan the rest of the wedding as well