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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

looking for a not so "wedding, wedding" venue

I'm currently living overseas, so planning an international wedding via internet has proven to be a bit difficult but not impossible. I'm very familiar with the nyc (lived there for 10 yrs) and have seen some fantastic venues over the years but it's quite hard to find something that is unique, intimate and with a sense of personality. There seems to be more spaces in NYC that fit the "traditional" wedding mold. ugh. frustrated.
but here are a few venues that could work for a weddings

The Old Stone House of Brooklyn, cozy, historical building

The Players, (nyc) an old school club for the arts situated in a beautiful brownstone facing gramercy park with a huge working fireplace, so cozy for a winter wedding. Think great gatsby meets capote cocktail party! Plus it can hold the ceremony and party all in one! Now all I would need is a beautiful winter snowfall to complete the look!
also found........


emily said...

thanks for the link. here's where i got married; it's a little north of nyc, but it was worth it b/c it's beautiful, and doesn't come with the nyc price, they only host one wedding a day, so you get incredible service.

KBW said...

Aliza is ready to go see whatever you want her to -- send me (or her) a list of the sites and when she can go, and she'll do some legwork for you. pronto.