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Monday, June 29, 2009

Giacomo e Paola Part I

Our good friends, (also darling neighbors) Giacomo and Paola got hitched!
These two sweet souls, exchanged vows as the sky roared with thunder. They were married in this little church just down the street from Giacomo's childhood home. The church alone is quite breathtaking, so the couple kept it simple with fresh bouquets of baby's breath decorating the aisle and 2 full bouquets on opposite sides of the alter. Simple and perfect.

Paola, an artist here in Milan, has a beautiful and unique sense of style.

So it was no surprise, when she decided to forgo the dress shopping route (the bride also opted for wrist corsage instead of a traditional bridal bouquet) and instead collaborated with her designer friend from here creating a one of a kind dress. The wow factor was in full effect as she entered the church.

Her look is a mix of the follow famous styles and beauties:
A small hint of the classic Grace Kelly bridal turned modern day with edge by choosing black lace over the traditional white meets Mia Farrow look alike meets Twiggy, meets 1950's vintage bride, don't you think?

I'm digging the black lace.

I think I leaned over to my hubby and whispered that at least 10 times during the ceremony.

After the traditional catholic ceremony, the couple braved the rain and jumped into Paola's green panda that was filled to the max with fresh baby's breath!

Hilarious! and beautiful

I have a special fondness for this little green getaway. The panda, is Paola's signature wheels. It is also the indicator, whether my friend, Paola, is home or not.
As it is usually parked in front of our house.
I think it is my favorite getaway thus far........

and off they go.........
stop by tomorrow for Part 2 of Giacomo e Paola's wedding
an evening festivities at a beautiful villa

(photos by Didi Weddings)


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Yellowgoat said...

she carry it really well. I think of Grace Kelly at first glance. Love the head fascinator.

jules said...

love the black lace!