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Monday, June 23, 2008

a little manolo blahnik for the bride..............

Manolo Blahnik, blue satin pump via Neiman Marcus

Manolo Blahnik, style, Posilla pump navy blue suede #92 on suede color chart
Rhinestone shoe buckles bought at The Family Jewels

The new blue satin Manolo Blahniks that appeared in the Sex in The City movie, got me thinking about the a special pair I have in my closet. I didn't realize till today that they are so similar in style and all by chance, go figure. (see image above)
I know the price of these new satin shoes is a little steep, $945 for most brides, let alone most people (mine were a gift of sorts) but if your willing to splurge on accessories, which I think makes more sense then spending tons on a dress that you most likely will wear once, why not spend a little more on shoes which you will wear forever? If your madly in love with the oh-so coveted Carrie Bradshaw blue satin pumps, here is an idea for little bit cheaper alternative.........

some insider tips when shopping for the perfect Manolo:
The Manolo Blahnik Boutique carries classic styles in white satin for brides, such as sedarby, carolyn, tuccio or tuccio lace, plus many more. (to give you a rough idea about price, Tuccio in leather usually runs about $495.) If you looking for a colored shoe but can't find the right one, or maybe your want to wear white on your wedding but aren't sure what to do with them after? All of these styles can easily be dyed to match that same electric blue from Carries fabulous satin pump or any other color your little heart desires. Also, if you want to make your shoe even more personalized, think of how beautiful rhinestone vintage buckles would look added to a pair of plain manolo pumps? Or maybe a fabric or silk flower? think outside the box.... The classic pumps are usually lower in price then the styles with rhinestones, so this is a great way to make your style without paying the higher price. Now your probably asking , what shoe repair could I trust with these little treaures? The MB boutique uses a special shoe repair around the corner called, Shoe Service Plus , they are incredible and can handle the designer shoe whether its changing a heel, dying it royal blue or sewing on a rhinestone buckle, you name it, they pretty much, can do it. If you are thinking of dying a white shoe a color, it's best to give them a swatch sample.
Note, if you don't want the 3 inch or 4 inch heels for your wedding day, try and ask the MB shop if you can special order shorter heels that match your shoe. They may or may not do this anymore but if they do, I recommend, 50mm or 70mm (not the stiletto, 90mm or 105mm, which is 3 or 4 inch heels).
(*note, special ordering heels takes a little while to be made and shipped from Italy, so if they can do it, expect that it would take at least a month or so)

Where to find Manolo Blahniks
*note all stores carry different styles, Bergdorf carries more classic styles and colors, while Barneys may gave more edgy colors etc...
Manolo Blahnik Boutique, NYC West 54th street (no website, call store for style & size inquiries)
Manolo Blahnik Boutique, London (the original store where the designer is located but please note that they carry slightly different styles verses the United States)
Neiman Marcus (see website for select store locations)
Bergdorf Goodman NYC
Saks Fifth Avenue (they don't show them on the website, so you will have to call to find out which for select store locations carry the designer, first try NYC)
Barneys (all store locations)
Nordstrom (they don't show them on the website, so you will have to call to find out which for select store locations carry the designer)
Wynn Hotel (Las Vegas)
Jeffreys (NYC and Atlanta)
Boyds (Philadelphia)
Ultimo (Chicago)
FootCandy (California)
Mitchells and Richards (Connecticut)
Browns (Toronto, Canada)
Bob Ellis (South and North Carolina) a little inside info: Bob Ellis is also Jeffreys NYC families business)

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perfect bound said...

just what I needed. some shoe therapy to get me in the mood for shopping. I adore the navy blue shoes you have in your closet. oh so pretty!